Thermal doors

Thanks to both the use of premium quality materials and our detail-oriented production, our range includes several series of thermal doors with customized features.

0° C / -30° C

Doors on hinge CTN-CTB

Doors on hinge for cold rooms
The CTN-CTB doors on hinge follow the Fancold construction standards, distinguished by the aluminum edged door sash. Available in different colours and in stainless steel version, the series is produced in two versions: positive temperature, low temperature and with guideway passage. The doors can be equipped with accessories such as anti-panic closure, transparent portholes and much more.

0° C

Doors on hinge CPG

Door on hinge with guideway passage for cold rooms.
CPG doors on hinge are available in the version with rubbers for fixed guideway or with double door for mobile guideway.
Our technical office is at your disposal if you wish to receive technical data sheets or if you would like us to work on specific studies.

0° C / -30° C

Sliding door STN-SBT

Horizontal sliding door for cold rooms.
The STN-SBT series completes the range of thermo-insulated doors with aluminum edged sash and equipped with an external opening system which is simplified by the use of an articulated handle return spring. The sash thickness is 7, 9 and 12 cm.

0° C

Sliding door SPG

Horizontal sliding door with guideway passage for cold rooms.
SPG sliding doors are available in two versions:
– swan-neck: stainless steel cantilevered structure that leaves the guideway passage free.

– with interrupted track: the sliding track of the door is applied under the rail passage.

0° C

Door come and go PVV

Featuring an exclusive monolithic door sash – 40mm thick, fully coated – the new semi-insulating COME AND GO door is available with one or two doors with a modular anodized aluminum frame.
It features hinges in composite plastic material with opening in both directions, 90° lock and oval porthole in lexan. The blade gaskets applied on the 4 sides improve the thermal seal, eliminating any “shear risk” between wings, or between wings and frame. Various types of door protections are available.
This type of door is designed for environments such as kitchens or processing rooms within the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

0° C / -30° C

Sliding door ATM

ATM sliding doors can be manufactured for a controlled atmosphere: the special gaskets in closed-cell expanded rubber, together with the exclusive stainless steel eccentric clamping system, guarantee both thermal insulation and perfect gas tightness.
The ATM series is equipped with a glass inspection door, which can also be supplied for direct application in the cell wall.

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