About us

Fancold srl was founded in 2016 by the union of experienced professionals with many years of expertise in the field of refrigeration, with the desire to create new products, developing a full service dedicated to accommodate all types of needs.
For years we have been designing, producing and creating a vast range of quality products, guaranteeing solutions in civil and industrial prefabrication.
Resistance, functionality and design, combined with efficiency and consultancy, allow us to satisfy multiple operational needs in the various sectors: from refrigeration and cooling to horticulture and the food and pharmaceutical industry up to the public and private construction sectors.

Our values

Thanks to the strong commitment we put into research and development of more innovative solutions capable of supporting the demand of international and diverse markets, our cold rooms are designed and created to achieve greater operational efficiency, increasing user-friendliness, maintenance and operation, while reducing operating costs to a minimum.
The implementation of reliable products for both the industrial and construction sectors has allowed our company to establish a strategic orientation and sustainable goals in order to meet the demand for cold storage and construction products with high quality, sustainable and technological solutions.

Vision & Mission

As a well-structured company with highly skilled professionals, our mission is to establish and bring the culture of quality and efficiency of our Made in Italy products to a global level and become a reference point for customers looking for products and services that meet their needs.

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Made in Italy

Customized solutions


30 years of experience


At Fancold, we have developed state-of-the-art cold rooms and panels, which have enabled us to meet the demands of our customers globally.
Thanks also to the strong growth of the refrigeration sector on a worldwide scale in the last years, we had the chance to work and collaborate with customers and distributors both within the European Union and in non-EU countries.

Work with us

We believe in young people and we give space to talent. With a view to continuous improvement, we are always looking for professionals who have experience in the field or young employees who are constantly looking for professional challenges to face.

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