Fancold srl

Quality, sustainability, efficiency and design.

Our Fancold brand products are born from the search for quality, sustainability, design and efficiency. Our team of professionals will be able to advise you and guide you in the best choice so that your company and your product are protected every day.

Choosing the right partner to entrust the security of your company is never an easy choice. We know it well.

For years we have been designing, producing and creating a vast range of quality products, guaranteeing solutions in civil and industrial prefabrication.

Resistance, functionality and design, combined with efficiency and consultancy, allow us to satisfy multiple operational needs in the various sectors: from refrigeration and cooling to horticulture and the food and pharmaceutical industry up to the public and private construction sectors.

Our job is not to market insulating panels or cold rooms. Anyone can do that. Our job is to assure you that our insulating panels or our cold rooms will be the guarantee of quality of your work.

And not everyone can do this.

Work with us

We believe in young people and we give space to talent. With a view to continuous improvement, we are always looking for professionals who have experience in the field or young employees who are constantly looking for professional challenges to face.

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