Industrial sliding door with hardware in composite material and wing edge in aluminium or industrial sliding door with hardware in stainless steel and wing edge in aluminium.  Robust and at the same time accurately finished, reflecting the Italian construction standards for excellence. It features anodised aluminium slide rails and it is produced for different applications.

We have rail sliding passage doors (SPG) in two versions. The first version is named “swan neck” due to the cantilevered steel structure that allows to leave the sliding rail passage space free. The second, named “interrupted track”, provides for the application of the sliding door track under the bay rail passage. The track has an interruption to allow the crossing of the rail.

Different types of automation available for sliding doors. For the series intended for industry

the innovative Power Matic three-phase motor is available with rotary limit switches, inverters and toothed belt. All automations are designed according to current European standards.

The perfect alternative to the traditional refrigeration sliding doors in certain circumstances and the appropriate solution in others is the Guillotine vertical scrolling door. Available for both positive temperatures with 9 cm door (GTN9) and negative with 12 cm thick door (GBT12) and equipped with heating elements is the union of the manufacturing philosophy of the traditional refrigerator hinged door and the prestressed steel torsion spring lifting and balancing mechanism, which minimises the lateral bulk. It is also equipped with a safety device to prevent falls against breakage or malfunction of the springs and/or the steel cables. Available in both automatic and manual versions with chain hoists and this door also has a wide range of colours and accessories.