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FROSTDOPPIO – Visione Laterale
CORTEX – Visione Laterale
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WET – Visione Laterale
TWISTER – Visione Laterale
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FROSTMONO – Visione Laterale

General Information

Fancold offers a reliable product, with the best performance in terms of insulation and fire resistance, enabling you to realise what you designed with aesthetic and functional results.

Assistance and customer service are part of a concept of reliability for Fancold. The absolute dedication to the highest quality, the selection of the best raw materials and the latest production processes, guarantee the best possible partner for the performance of the customer.

The QUALITY CERTIFICATION according to ISO 9001:2008, guarantees a constant and high level of the quality of the products offered.

Working with a constant focus on quality is the principle of our company in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Insulation, strength and durability, are the qualities of our panels that you will appreciate most.

We will suggest the insulation system that best suits your needs and follow you with care and skill until the delivery of the work.